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Denise Challis


As the incoming Chair of Royal Berkshire MNVP, I would like to share a little about myself as a start in our getting to know each other.

I am mum to a daughter and a son. Both were born in the RBH and are now adults with their own partners and families.

I am a Nana to two beautiful tiny humans, so completely full of wonder they inspire me every day. My most precious moments are of seeing the world from the perspective of a 6yrs and 3yrs old. We have so much to learn.

While my own pregnancies and births were a long time ago, I have been alongside my children during their own pregnancies and births, my family having more recent experiences of different teams within maternity services within the RBH, including Rainbow Care.

I worked for many years within the education system, beginning with voluntary roles in primary schools when my children were very young. My first paid role was as a Teaching Assistant, my final role in education was within a secondary school as a Head of Inclusion.

I am a Mindfulness and Compassion Teacher (CPCAB Accredited) and Coach. I also deliver training to parent/carers and professionals around neurodevelopmental conditions and comorbidities in children and young people.

In all of my work my passion has been, and continues to be, meaningful inclusion that makes a real and positive difference to people’s lived experiences. I have worked alongside individuals and groups to overcome unique challenges around neurodiversity, mental health challenges and related impacts on wellbeing etc. As well as working with groups to reduce isolation by building cohesive diverse communities that are inclusive of people with different cultural identities, needs and strengths and challenges. Fundamentally aiming to build and nurture strong, respectful, supportive, communicative relationships.

In taking on the role of Chair of Royal Berkshire MNVP, I will be working closely with Emma, the MNVP team, our RBH advocates and professional partners for a smooth and positive transition.

Emma and the MNVP team have worked hard to raise up the voices of women and families, empowering you to share your experiences of maternity and neonatal services, listening to, and advocating for you with professional partners. All working together as equals with mutual value and respect to improve maternity and neonatal care. I look forward to working with our MVP and all stakeholders to build on what has already been achieved, I am excited to listen and explore the possibilities.

Denise Challis
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