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Danni Miller

Vice Chair

I gave birth to all three of my kids at the RBH - my eldest 6 years ago and then twins 3 years ago!

Had so many scans with Gestational Diabetes that I felt like the RBH was a second home - including long stays after birth due to my health, and visits for feeding advice and tongue ties. Definitely felt like I got to experience alot of what they have to offer.

My background has always been communication - working in Marketing and since having kids I've done part time work in a few fields (including kids entertainment!) but am settling back into my passions. I'm bringing copywriting, web design and branding to the table - along with some mean admin skills!!

I filled out the surveys after having my own kids but really became aware of the MNVP during the pandemic when so many friends were struggling to find the info they needed and tuned into one of the live questions with the RBH.

I joined as a Parent Rep as I felt I could help represent the groups I was on and share some of the feedback and hopefully make a difference.

In my short time so far I've found the meetings really interesting and was surprised at how senior people were engaged and how much weight the MNVP carry at the RBH.

After 6 months or so of being involved in various surveys, focus groups and the meetings I realised that I really wanted to do more - which nicely coincided with my twins starting nursery and the old vice chair moving out of the area! I'm excited to see the impact I can have as vice chair of your MNVP.

Danni Miller
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