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We Listen.

From the moment you find out right through to your birth. Your voice is heard. 


Different ways you can talk to us

You can talk to us in many different ways; our online surveys; emailing our feedback address; attending one of our feedback sessions; comment on our Facebook or Instagram posts; being part of the team as a parent rep - and the list goes on. Here is a summary of the online surveys you can complete throughout your journey. In every survey we'll ask about how you felt about your care, how respected you felt and how informed you were about your choices. They are short and snappy but there is always the option to leave more detailed feedback. If you haven't filled out our surveys before you can also complete a full survey here: Add link

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1st Trimester

Tell us about your booking appointment, first impressions of your care and your dating scan and any screening tests you've chosen to have.


Tell us about your 20 week scan, your ongoing care and any other feedback about the midwives, obstetricians or doctors involved in your care.

2nd Trimester


3rd Trimester

Tell us about preparing for birth and your experience, about the care, the environment,  the expectations and the reality. 


Tell us about your time immediately after birth, your experience of the postnatal wards, or homebirth follow up care and how you felt. 

4th Trimester


Infant Feeding 

Tell us about your feeding journey, how respected you felt and how supported you were from the very first moments through to the first six months.


We know a journey which includes neonatal care can make these other surveys seem lacking. We've worked with our Neonatal Lead to create a survey bespoke to our Babies on Buscot.



Any journey which ends too soon is heartbreaking. If you feel ready to tell us about your experience and how the service could have been better we welcome your feedback. 

Bereaved Parents


We recognise partners role in the whole journey and welcome your unique feedback.


Partners Feedback


Upcoming Feedback Sessions


You can always email us

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Thanks for submitting!

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